The Short skinny:

*Refunds on ALL ORDERS - 1st Pattern NASA Jackets - has now started. ANY JACKETS ORDERED PRIOR TO 20 MAY 2019 ARE BEING REFUNDED. 

* All orders from our website that weren’t perviously refunded through dispute on Paypal, Shopify, or Card chargebacks, have been submitted for refund. If they have not already showed back up in your accounts you paid with, they will be shortly. We show there are 3 customers that are currently pending until 23 May because they were originally paid by E-check. Thats Paypals doing, not us.


*Kickstarter Refunds- We still, since September of last year, cannot gain access to to our Kickstarter account. There is issues with the dual authentication security feature that is preventing us in doing so. We have a total number of orders, what sizes, and a list of names, but nadda else to go off of.


*For those who participated in our Kickstarter Campaign (AND KICKSTARTER ONLY), we have set up a new email address to cut through the overwhelming clutter of spam, hate, and random death threats (real cute btw) to get your refund to you ASAP. (I.E. THIS WEEK.) We need those backers to email us at the address below, forwarding their order/payment confirmation from Kickstarter (or a screen shot works) to verify that you backed the Campaign, and where to send the refund to. If you have a Paypal account for us to send the payment to, it will go much smoother and faster. If you do not have a Paypal account, please let us know in the email and we will figure out the best way to get the refund to you ASAP. We will begin to process these Wednesday morning until all backers are refunded.


Lastly, I want to thank all of our customers (yes, even the death threaters) that had faith in our company and product to begin with. Sincerely I do. Especially those who have been so patient, genuinely concerned as a human beings about our health and welfare and not just as unprocessed customers throughout this mess. This was not the way ANY of this was EVER intended to go (our true brain of the business that knew how to do the “business side” no longer being with us, the manufacturing delays, shipping delays, refund delays, etc etc). Unfortunately fate and Murphys intentions were not the same as ours, and the harder we tried to correct, the faster the spiral happened.


With all of our backers and customers being refunded, we have started to liquidate our current stocks until depleted and will be “turn off the lights” on JMT permanently. Unfortunately the financial and emotional toll in all of this and an in-ability to successfully run the company solo has necessitated it.


Thank you very much again from the bottom of my heart for the faith you had in us. My Family and I truly Thank you.



The Long Skinny:


Yes, the Jackets really exist. Yes they really finally arrived. But here’s the “but”…


Right before New Years we had a knock on the door and the miracle happened. They finally showed up from our manufacturer. We wrote up a SUPER long joyous update and decided we were going to do the mass media post New Years Day to ring in the New Year on a good note... We started to do our inspections and prepare them for shipping when our eyes immediately caught several flaws (to our specifications and what we promised) :

1.) The factory changed up the sizing somewhere between our pre-production sample and the start of the run. With the issues we had with getting everyone sized right from the get go, this was a BIG screw up. Essentially the returns from this alone would have been a bigger mess then the refund process.

2.) They had the snaps pre-installed on the pocket and waist flaps. The factory was specifically told NOT to do this. While the snaps are great quality snaps, they’re NOT U.S. Made snaps made by the same original contractor as the Original NASA jackets as we promised. These were to be installed here by us once they arrived. We attempted on several jackets to remove the overseas made snaps and replace them with the correct genuine U.S. made Mil-Spec snaps, but it was extremely time consuming and had a 50/50 success rate without damaging the jacket itself beyond use. This was unacceptable. We now have over a $1000 worth of snaps and setting tools alone in boxes we can’t use.

3.) The final nail in the coffin was the front zipper. Again, amazing really good quality zipper… but they all came in LEFT HAND PULL. While this might seem minor to some, and even preferable to those outside the U.S. where this is the norm: Its not what we promised or specified; As the majority of our customers are from the U.S. who are used to a right hand pull, going left is extremely (x100) frustrating. For those who used to own the older European made M41 Field Jacket replicas, you know what I mean. Yes its technically possible to remove the zippers and redo them “right hand”, we don’t have the means or time to do so. We’d still be converting the entire batch into the next decade..


With not wanting to keep customers waiting even longer with another problem, waiting months more on getting another batch made and finding the money to do so, The hard decision was made to go ahead pull the trigger with the mass refund. This was another hurdle on its own.


While the speculation was that “we’re crooks, none of it ever existed and we wandered off into the sunset with $11,000.00! (Actually $10.5 from the Kickstarter if you want to be accurate)” It couldn’t be further from the truth and would make a much better love story than sparkling daytime vampires...but I digress.


What most failed to think about or seem to understand:

1.) Kickstarter and credit card fees alone knocked several thousand dollars off before we even saw a dime.

2.) Ordering the snaps and setting tools from the US Milspec MFG knocked off over another grand.

3.) Shipping from our manufacturer to our location + customs and import fees, another couple grand.

4.) Paying the remaining balance owed to the contractor for production... just about the entire remainder. Really.


To top that, we already pulled every possible financial source we could to get the project off the ground and started to begin with. TAPPED OUT. Hence, the reason for a Kickstarter to finish it up. At the point after New Years with the above said, Being able to even issue a mass refund that large would be difficult under normal situations with any small business, let alone with the surmounting financial, physical, and emotional cost happing in our personal lives. So please let that sink in. We have done everything possible, pulled everything out to get the refunds out this fast and it truly was a miracle to be able to do so.


Now, could/would/ should we have given more updates and been a little more clear? Absolutely. Would it have mattered? Honestly, No. The situation was changing daily. Sometimes hourly. We didn’t even know what was going to happen next. As soon as we would write up our next update with something solid, it completely changed. How could I give anything accurate to anyone? In the end, it would have left everyone with more frustration, with change after change, rather than just keeping shut up until something was 100% happening. We said in multiple updates that we were doing that. Thats the option we picked. “No news is good news”...or so they say. Your milage may vary.


With all of that being said, I know that people really wanted these jackets as described. I could not in my own conscience send out the door what we had received, after all that had dragged out. I’m sorry we could not deliver on that promise. Much lesser companies would have shipped them out regardless. I know, I’ve had it happen to me more than once.


As said before, like the last guy in Saigon I’ll be “turning off the lights” of this company shortly after the refunds are complete. I spent roughly 6 solid years getting this business to the point we were finally at last August. Our Kickstarter exceeding our goal was in the top 7 of the happiest and proudest moments in my life only to be stomped quickly by the worst couple of months that have led lesser men to taking a long walk off a short pier to put it nicely. Thousands of dollars before the public even had an inkling that we were doing these and just as many if not more hours of time away from my children and family I’ll never get back trying to do best I could for them. I can’t do that with my time or to them anymore. This project was headed for so much more, so it hurts quite a bit to have to end this chapter like this.


Before the lights go out though, I know there are those that would still like to sport a replica jacket without having to spend a mint on one. The jackets we have on hand are awesome quality jackets in their own right. They really are. Even considering they’re not to our specs, they still look the part and stand tall next to the more expensive replicas of these out there, including those “commemorative limited editions” by big box companies that resemble nothing of anything issued to anyone ever.


As of this post, the entire stock of jackets listed on our website have been updated and discounted heavily to get them out the door and in your hands. They’re no good to anyone sitting in boxes in a warehouse for eternity. They are all ready for shipping labels to still get to you in plenty of time for the 50th moon landing ceremonies in July to look your part.


As a last note: Starting 23 May, We will be shipping on Tuesdays and Thursdays only, these are the 2 days a week we have to entirely devote to doing so. So long as your orders are in by 1 P.M. CST on these days we can get them out same day, otherwise it’ll miss our postal pick up time.


Thank you again folks.



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  • To whom it may concern, I’m sorry to hear you guys are closing up ship for good. I ordered a jacket a week and a half ago and it still hasn’t shipped, what’s a reasonable eta? My order number is 1141, I’m looking forward to hearing from you, btw if you have any XL’s still hiding around a swap would be nice, the two X I ordered is a size up,I’d appreciate it!